Model of Hugo Armstrong's Spitfire BS435 by Glen Weisberg

Glen Weisburg writes:

Finally, after some delays and unexpected happenings (such as my kitchen wall cabinet crashing down after 18 years), I finally finished, rehabbed and totally repainted my old 1960s Monogram model Spitfire I've had since I was a kid, that I originally emailed you about. Attached are some photos of it. It was a workout, but one of love, learning and satisfaction. I greatly enjoyed your book "Beware! Beware!" It provided me with a keen idea of RAF squadron life, the men and their sacrifice, thanks.

When I started, my model was in pieces and poked through with way too many "bullet" holes via a heated pin. I had to wait a month before I received Tamiya putty to plug up most of the holes and fix the damage to the rear tail fin. I left just a couple in the fuselage and port wing, where this damage would not have crippled the battle worn plane. Holes I had in the front fuselage(which would have resulted in an explosion or fire) were covered up and smoothed over, same for many in the wings and tail.

I learned from extensive research, photos like yours and others I found on the web of Hugo Armstrong's FYF - BS435 plane about the proper definitive camouflage pattern, colors and letters on the fuselage. I managed with great care to repaint the entire plane inside and out and around my existing decals. I repainted the cockpit interior, added the dashboard, navigation mirror, and stick control. My landing gear was on backwards! So I had to skillfully remove them and reposition them. I remade the missing antenna, 20mm gun, rear wheel, etc. Removed the extra fuel tank that did not exist in 1942 that the model company had. Twice I had to repaint by hand the tricolor on the tail as my original decal was in the wrong position! I made a simulated ground base of turf with mud puddles (nail polish really works well for this) and wheel marks, and added a spare figurine I repainted in an RAF uniform at the rear tail. I need to redo my name plate on the base a little better, however I am quite satisfied with how it all turned out.

All my best,