Press Release: An Appeal

Padre Cecil King was the inspiration behind the original St Georgeís Chapel which once stood on South Camp Biggin Hill. Constructed from a couple of old army huts in 1943 it commemorated the increasing numbers of Aircrew who were being killed on operations from within the Biggin Hill Sector, 11 Fighter Group.

This Chapel sadly burnt down in a disastrous fire in December 1946 and virtually nothing remained except a fragment of the visitorís book which bore the signature Winston S Churchill, and the original Chapel Bible which miraculously was found intact by a contractor who was clearing the site many years later.

This Bible now stands on the altar of the present St Georgeís Chapel which owes its very existence to the dedication and enthusiasm of Padre King with the help of no lesser person than Winston Churchill! The funds were soon raised by the extraordinary generosity of the British public and people from all around the world. The fine Chapel we have today was completed in 1951 and stands as a permanent memorial to those gallant men and women who came from so many lands to fight at our side against the forces of evil.

Sadly, little is known of Padre King. We believe he may have been at RAF Manston during the early part of the war and possibly RAF Tangmere sometime after the conflict.

We would be most grateful therefore if you could make mention of Padre King in your Squadron Association Newsletter so that we may learn more about the man and his inspiration that brought about St Georgeís Royal Air Force Chapel of Remembrance, Biggin Hill.

Geoff Greensmith
Committee Member

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