New Isle of Man Stamp

The Isle of Man issued six new stamps on 15 January 2008 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the RAF. The stamps depict twelve aircraft, two on each stamp: Handley Page 0/400, Bristol F2B Fighter, Avro 504N, Westland Wapiti, Hawker Hurricane, Short Sunderland, Gloster Meteor, Westland Whirlwind, Hawker Hunter, English Electric Canberra, BAe Harrier and Lockheed Hercules.

The Meteor depicted is a 611 Squadron aircraft.

The artist, Keith Woodcock depicted aircraft seen around the Irish Sea and over the Isle of Man and on 611 he says: “The Gloster Meteor was the RAF’s first operational jet fighter and it also served with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. The stamp illustrates an aircraft of No 611 (West Lancashire) Squadron, which carried out most of its exercises over the Irish Sea”.

It is Keith’s work that is used on the cover of the history of 611 Squadron – Beware! Beware!

The material accompanying the stamp includes a photograph of Meteor F8 WH359:K plus one of each of the other types used. Unfortunately on close inspection of the stamp he has used serial number WK505. This number was never issued and I believe he meant to use WH505:A. This aircraft was part of Contract 6/Acft/5621 for 200 Meteor F8s delivered between September 1951 and February 1952. It was delivered to 611 from 610 Sqn, then transferred to 600 Sqn, then to 615 Sqn. On 28 March 1960 it moved to Flight Refuelling at Tarrant Rushton for conversion into a U16 drone for use over the ranges in Cardigan Bay being based at Llanbedr. It flew several sorties from here but its last flight was on 27 September 1961 when it was destroyed.

The stamp is value 90p and available from:

The Isle of Man Philatelic Bureau
PO Box 10M
Isle of Man
IM86 1AA

Tel 01624 698430

Fax 01624 698434



If you buy the presentation book it has the stamps incorporated plus gives a potted history of the RAF and then specifically the RAF on the Island at Jurby, Andreas, Ronaldsway, Ramsey Grammar School and Jurby Head.

Photo of Meteor F8 WH505:A taxying out at Hooton Park in 1954 The Meteor depicted is a 611 Squadron aircraft.