Email received from Ian Hunt

The following is from an email sent by Ian Hunt on 9 October 2005:

Dear Aldon

This has got to be one of the most comprehensive RAF squadron web sites I've found, mind you I'm slightly biased, as I grew up in the Hooton area in the 50's, and feel that both 611 and 610 belong to me somehow.

I attended Childer Thornton Primary school, and often went back to the airfield after school with friends whose parents were stationed there. We would often race to the embankment overlooking the taxiway, as either of the squadron Spits came back round to the hangers, the pilots always waved to us all as they passed.

On one occasion after the Spits had been replaced by Meteors, I found myself confined to the base, as The IRA had raided the armoury, and stole boxes of ammo. Whilst a serious breach of security, once everyone realised that the ammunition stolen was for the Meteors canons (20 or 30 mm) there was much hilarity over the Irish gentlemen trying to find something to use to fire their stolen ammo!

On a sadder occasion during one of the wonderful air displays in the late 50's, one of the meteors crashed on the far side of the airfield, but can't remember which squadron it was. When the bits were recovered later it made a very sad sight, and has remained with me to this day.

Finally, the aerial shot of the airfield just before it closed, brought back lots of happy memories of the place, including just being able to see the old school, the lanes leading to the main gate, and even the wonderful old outdoor swimming pool at Rivacre.

I'm looking forward to "Beware" arriving soon, it'll make very happy reading.

Best Regards
Ian Hunt