Flt Sgt J.C. Bevan.


The following was received from Mr Dennis Wellings. I was able to provide him with the extract from the Commonwealth war Graves Commission web site giving details of death, grave and family plus an intelligence document compiled the day after the action when Flt Sgt Bevan and Sgt Daly were shot down attacking a heavily guarded train on the St Pol to Bethune railway line. Daly survived as a PoW and Bevan was seen to bale out and land but died that same day either from wounds received when his aircraft was hit or, more unlikely, as a result of the parachute landing. If anyone can help in any way to find more information as to how and why Flt Sgt Bevan died, please contact Aldon Ferguson on the e-mail address.

"Subject: 1314667. F/SGT. J.C. BEVAN. No. 611 Squadron.
Operation: Rhubarb 9.11.43.

As a cousin and closest friend of the above who grew up with him in Wales, on behalf of all surviving next of kin and their offspring, I would like to complete the last details of this fine pilot.

On our last leave together (I was flying B-24 Liberators) he told me what a great squadron 611 was, and how proud he was to belong to it. For some weeks he was missing and we prayed that he was a POW or evader. Sadly he was later pronounced dead and my aunt never got over it all her days. Apart from his flying log book (in my possession), we had little detail.

Now from your excellent operational details (page 122 encl) we find that he bailed out successfully. Why then was he pronounced dead?

Is it possible that you may have:
1. Details of F/0 Hodgkinson's (deceased) and Sgt. G. Wilson's debriefing.
2. Current addresses, if they survive, of Sgt. J.V.P. Daly (ex-POW), and Sgt.G.Wilson, possibly from the last 611 Sqdn Assn. (disbanded) list, in order that I may write to them.

We would be so grateful if you are able to help."