611 West Lancs Sqn Tally Board Sale: 21 July 2004


"Lot No 237
A very rare example of a World War Two RAF Squadron tally board, constructed from the mid section fuselage of a German Dornier 215 showing the black and white German cross, this has then been overpainted with the 611 (West Lancashire) squadron crest, a list of 611 Sqn commanding officers and a complete wartime list of the squadron victories to include date, type of aircraft and pilot responsible. In the bottom right corner it states 'Dornier 215 shot down by a pilot of 611 Squadron North Wales Sept 1940'. Some damage to bottom edges and minor paint scratches.
Estimate: £3000 to £4000"

The above lot was sold by Wintertons Fine Arts at Lichfield (the auction actually took place at Fradley Park on the old airfield) on the 21 July 2004 to the RAF Museum for £4,500 plus 15% auctioneers commission. The bidding opened at £3000 and lasted about 20 seconds.

The board was last seen in the Everton Road HQ in 1957 just prior to disbandment. It was obviously 'removed' by someone who is now considerably richer. A 611 Assn member who lives nearby the crash scene, Terry Bradley, was so incensed that he called the auctioneer to determine who was selling it and was told it was being sold via an agent so the purchaser could remain anonymous (he said he nearly called the police and RAF Provost branch as it was clearly stolen and nobody had the right to sell it!)

The Tally Board was eventually discovered (at the time of auction the buyer was unknown) to have been bought by the RAF Museum at Hendon, London, where it currently resides.